At Mountain View Medical Weight Loss, we know that your health is important to you. That's why we offer a professional medical weight loss service that you can count on. We spend time with each individual patient assessing their specific needs, so that we can get you on the right track. We also have a Board Certified Physician and a Registered Nurse on staff to assist you. We monitor your body with a customized plan and help you to progress in every step of your weight loss goals.

fruitThe right diet and exercise plan used in combination with medications will eliminate body fat. Some of our medications include phentermine (Adipex and Ionamine) and two new FDA products as they become available: Qsymia and Belviq. These time-tested medications used in combination with the right diet and exercise will achieve results you can count on.

This program comes with weekly combination vitamin injections per month (B-6 and B-12 weekly.) Vitamin B supports the liver as you go through the demanding weight loss process and it assists in proper digestion and absorption of food. These injections are necessary for the break down and digestion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Increase your energy and mood while enjoying healthy weightloss.

With the assistance of our caring staff, you can shed those unnecessary pounds and live in the body you always wanted.

HCG and Prescription Medication

Our Salt Lake City medical weight loss program includes a combination of HCG, vitamin injections, and prescription medication, if needed. This complete program assures that you can lose weight with the highest possible success rate.

In combination with HCG, our doctors can also prescribe medications to assist in the diet process. The drugs phentermine (an appetite suppressant and a metabolism booster) and diethylpropion (appetite suppressant) decrease your desire for foods so that you can successfully stay on your diet plan.

All medications have been FDA approved. We assess each individual patient and develop a weight loss plan that is right for you. With our help, you can achieve healthy weight loss!

Vitamin B12 and Amino Acid Injections


Lipoblast Vitamin B12 injections are the latest technology used to help people lose weight because they help raise the body's metabolic rate.

Lipoblast injections are mainly used in weight loss clinics and as part of weight loss management programs. Patients usually receive one injection per week, but they can be given more often than that as long as there are forty-eight hours between injections. Losing two pounds a week is considered a healthy weight loss.

Lipoblast injections contain three main enzymes that prevent fat from accumulating around the liver. These enzymes, called lipotropics, are also used in combination with Vitamin B6 and B Complex. The enzymes used in these injections are: